The Velvet Devil 2014

Picked this one up on sale the other day at my local wine store completly on a whim.  I’m always fascinated by wines from this part of the country.

From the winemaker:  “Balanced, rich and explosive. Think red plums and bittersweet cocoa with hints of smoke and cedar. So smooth, so naughty, and so very, very nice.”


Fun and eye catching.  Simple design yet with the big bold fonts and the pitch fork draws you in for a look


Nice rich purple


Lots of dark fruit on the nose very faint hint of chocolate


I’d call this one medium bodied and not full as the wine maker may suggest.  Decently rounded with a medium finish


Good with rich tomato based dishes, stews, pizza, pastas, bbq


At around $12 a well enough constructed Merlot for your dollar.


It’s a respectable Merlot but not a brilliant Merlot.  At around $12, it’s a good value. If you’re in the Market for a Merlot from Washington State give this one a try!




OPI Score = 63  What’s This?

Vintage: 2014
Varietal: Merlot
Region: Columbia Valley, WA
Country: USA
Winemaker: Charles Smith Wines
Average Price: $12

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Published by Sean Lee

Dad, runner, swimmer, cyclist, wine-lover, entrepreneur, digital enthusiast, vlogger, founder of Oakmonkey

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