Cono Sur Bicicleta Limited Edition Pinot Noir 2016

From the winemaker:  “Dressed in fresh purple red colour, this is a voluptuous Pinot Noir with rich fruit notes of cherry, raspberry, plum and strawberry – a red fruit party! – enhanced by subtle smoked hints. In mouth sweet fruit notes stand out, and its fine tannins give it a great texture and a mouth filling structure. Balanced and New World styled, this is a wine of personality and elegance. Sexy, pure and simple, it’s a young and refreshing Pinot.”


Fun cool label.  I’m a cyclist myself so I must say I was drawn to the bottle because of this


Light red


Cherry and stawberry on the nose


Very subtle. Red fruits with a light finish


Grilled meats – chicken, pork


At around $8 its a very affordable bottle


Wouldn’t say I was deeply moved by this bottle.  I found it to be a bit too subtle for my palate.  Certainly a young wine.  At around $8, it does however represent a decent value for the Pinot Lover.





OPI Score = 43  What’s This?

Vintage: 2016
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Country: Chile
Winemaker: Cono Sur Winery
Average Price: $8

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Published by Sean Lee

Dad, runner, swimmer, cyclist, wine-lover, entrepreneur, digital enthusiast, vlogger, founder of Oakmonkey

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