5 Tips For Preserving Left Over Wine

Alright, I’ll admit, I have found myself facing this predicament once, or twice in my storied wine drinking career (shame on me!)   However, with the help of a few resourceful wine preservation tips, ye olde drinking pride was quickly restored and those few remaining glasses finished up in good form with head held highContinue reading “5 Tips For Preserving Left Over Wine”

Top 4 Wine Myths vs. Reality

Myth 1: Older wines are always better than newer wines? Reality Check: Maybe when Ike was president, but not today. Most wines these days are made to be consumed and enjoyed within 1-2 years of their release date. Myth 2: Sulfites in red wine cause headaches Reality Check: Survey says…Not true! Sulfites can cause allergyContinue reading “Top 4 Wine Myths vs. Reality”